1. Download 45,000 Adoptable Cat Images in 6.5 Minutes with petpy and multiprocessing

    Combining the multiprocessing package for concurrent use of multiple CPUs and the petpy package for interacting with the Petfinder API allows one to find and download a vast amount of animal images for use in other tasks, such as image classification.

    This post will introduce how to use the multiprocessing and petpy packages to quickly and easily download a large set of cat images of all the different breeds available in the Petfinder database. We will end up with a collection of just under 45,000 of cat images sorted by user-defined breed classifications.

  2. Introduction to petpy

    The following post introduces the petpy package and its methods for interacting with the Petfinder API. The goal of the petpy library is to enable other users to interact with the rich data available in the Petfinder database with an easy-to-use and straightforward Python interface. Methods for coercing the often messy JSON and XML API outputs into pandas DataFrame

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