Below is a list of some of the projects I have worked on in the past. To see more of my stuff, please visit my Github page!


hypothetical is a hypothesis and statistical testing library written in Python. Many functions and statistical methods are available and the library is written on top of numpy and scipy and thus is compatiable with the common Python scientific development stack.


nasapy is a Python wrapper for the NASA API. Methods for parsing the returned data into pandas DataFrames for quicker and easier data analysis are also available.


The poetpy library is a Python wrapper for the PoetryDB API. The library provides a Pythonic interface for interacting with and extracting information from the PoetryDB database.


petpy is a Python library that provides a convenient and easy to use interface for interacting with the Petfinder API.


The Rpoet package is a wrapper of the PoetryDB API written in R. The PoetryDB API enables developers and other users to extract English-language poetry from nearly 130 poets. The package provides a simple R interface for interacting and accessing the PoetryDB database. Github repo.


hubblepy is an wrapper of the Hubble Telescope API written in Python. Hubblesite is the homepage for the Hubble Telescope featuring the latest news and beautiful imagery taken by the telescope.